Sunday, October 21, 2012


The new Sister Spit Anthology is out!   Published by Sister Spits own new imprint at City Lights.  What fun to see that legendary CITY LIGHTS logo on something that I'm actually in!   I loved getting like HOWL and some of Kerouac's books when I was just a kid and hanging around San Francisco.   And stuff like Sam Shepard's MOTEL CHRONICLES, a favorite of mine.

So we read at Skylight Books in Los Feliz which was full and lively as always happens with Sister Spit things.   So fun.  I read from my "tour diary" and everyone seemed amused by my descriptions of college kids in the new Foodie era.   Also present:  the ever wonderful Michelle Tea,  Harry Dodge (pictured), Myriam Gurba, Tara Jepsen, Cassie J. Sneider (pictured left top), Sara Seinberg (pictured left bottom), Tamara Llosa-Sandor.