Saturday, September 14, 2013

After reading a lot of non YA stuff over the summer, finally got to check out Eleanor and Park.  Great read!!  Congratulations Rainbow Rowell.  I always like stuff set in Omaha, which is demographically and population wise, the exact same size as Portland.  Or it was.  I went through their once on a Greyhound bus and got off and walked around the city, this must have been like 1988, and I spotted this one girl with sort of cool hair so I followed her for a while and she went in a big door with no markings, and this music came out, and so I went to the door and opened it and it was this weird rock club/coffee shop place, I think.  I couldn't really hang out.  But I always think about what a scene would be like in a place like Omaha.  Pretty small, but probably pretty intense.