Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Prime of Miss Jeane Brodie

Oh my god, I just found my new favorite older (ish) writer, that I should have read before, but somehow missed.

Muriel Spark!!!

Why do I not pay more attention to UK writers? JUST LIKE WITH MUSIC, whatever we're doing, they do better.

After one page of Miss Jean Brodie, I felt like I had found my new best friend. Oh I can't wait to slowly read this book.

In other news I have an excerpt from DESTROY ALL CAR at the awesome website, which is a lot of smart, funny science stuff, (like check this crazy Indian Terminator out here).


  1. An amazing book!! One of my favourites or as Miss Brodie would say the creme de la creme!! Her other books are pretty good too! Hope you enjoy!

  2. Hey Blake, I just discovered Muriel too! What a wonderful writer. I'd known about the movie for years, of course, but I'd never thought to pick up the book until reading a fantastic book called How Fiction Works by James Wood.

    R.A. Nelson (Russ)