Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Very excited to have scored an advance copy of Daniel Pinchbeck's latest. Was re-reading his first book BREAKING OPEN THE HEAD which is one of my favorite books of the last decade. BREAKING is about Daniel's adventures going to the Amazon and other places and going through various rituals involving hallucinatory herbs, shamanic initiations, etc. But it is more a survey of the whole world of alternative reality and is on a level with Aldous Huxley's works and Terrence McKenna, and people like that. Just really interesting and insightful and like an oasis of intelligent thought on things a little outside our blinder limited normal lives ....

My book THEY CAME FROM BELOW, was based on a lot of these ideas. (And is finally coming out in paperback it looks like, this summer!)

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  1. Writes interesting books. "2012 - Year of the feathered serpent" I read it. Very good book. I can recommend it to everyone with the author.