Thursday, March 17, 2011


The Sister Spit tour is underway. First stop last night was Mills College, in Oakland, pictured here some time ago, because I didn't bring my stupid camera because I brought a FLIP camera because everyone keeps telling me that everyone loves video but I don't, because I don't have time to look at it, and I especially don't have time to film it.

Anyway, so we rolled into Mills and asked some super-cute hipster girls (who were hanging around the parking lot like fashion JDs) where the student center was. We found it. It was classic beautiful college-style dark wooded room, the likes of which you don't even notice when you're a student but later in life you think: wasn't I supposed to end up in beautiful dark wooded rooms? What happened to me?

Then we ate. In the cafeteria I couldn't figure out how to order because I don't know anything about food, and colleges have gotten pretty sophisticated about that stuff I've noticed. Really. I couldn't figure out how to order SPAGHETTI with red sauce.

[Note to college kids: It's kind of up to you to save the world from Global Self-Destruction, so maybe a little less time foodying and a little more time reinventing human society? Thank you.]

So then the show commenced and it was the first time the 8 performers all got to see exactly what the others did. It was great. People were GOOD. And FUNNY. I was laughing my ass off the whole time!!

The room was packed. And it was a big room. This is apparently normal for Sister Spit ....

Afterward, we loaded out and drove off into the night, chatting happily and watching San Francisco glitter beneath us as we crossed back into "the city" as I seem to recall bay area people call downtown.

Then I got to wake up this morning surrounded by Michelle Tea's amazing book collection and found the ADDERALL DIARIES which I have been meaning to read for ages and so spent the morning with that.

To hell with beautiful dark wooded rooms. I have a dream life now!

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  1. Blake Nelson you DO have a dream life now! Welcome!