Saturday, March 19, 2011


This is the awesome, super adorable ROCK PAPER SCISSORS collective we did our show in tonight.

When I enter places like this I feel like I am entering a humble monastary of perfect girl essence. They had sewing machines, and fabricy stuff and textures and on the wall a great photo piece of local kids in various degrees of hanging out....and everyone present is (and becomes upon entering) super gentle and kind and polite and I always feel like I am some sort of peasant in the face of such cultural excellence and generosity, and I seem always in such places to have a little moment of grace of: "wow, look where I am."

There was a whole upstairs with a shockingly huge library of zines including my favorite COMETBUS where Aaron discusses the ways that Portland resembles a bad mood.... What was I thinking not doing some serious Cometbus reading before I even came down to the bay area? Someday there will be high schools in the East Bay named COMETBUS. Not in our lifetime maybe ... but someday ....

But I digress.

RSP was great and it was of course, packed, cute sister spit girls piled up on the staircase, sitting on the floor, packed on the couch. Really a great audience. Myriam "Gerbz" Gurba was especially good tonight. I had a little panic about what I was going to read, I am going to have to figure this out ahead of time in the future.

Babbled about skinheads when I went on. Like what is the contemporary equivalent. Is there any subculture that is scary and bullyish now? Except like oil companies...?

Riding back in the van someone mentioned the west coast might be evacuated while we are back east, my brain commences to spiral into disaster ....

BACK in SF, I had to help load some PA equipment into a sex club which had nicely lent it to us. That was fun for me, having never walked through the showers of a gay sex club carrying a PA speaker before. Ah, the bucket list slowly fills!

Anyway, good night, good gig, everyone in good spirits. Off to LA first thing tomorrow!

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