Wednesday, November 17, 2010


DREAM SCHOOL, the GIRL sequel is up. Very excited. The Figment people did an awesome job!

This is another picture we almost used for the front page. Funny where we had to go as we looked for good images. Googling "hipster college girls" doesn't really get you where you want to go.

Thanks to everyone for checking out DREAM SCHOOL. And if you know any GIRL fans who might want to see it. Pass it on to them!


  1. Blake,

    I am SO HAPPY that you've published this and that I am able to read it. I've been checking Figment constantly for updates. It's fun to see how Andrea transitioned into a more modern character (I don't remember any references to email or laptops in Girl) but the story still seems timeless. But now I'm imagining her dashing from class to class in her TOMS rather than saddle shoes. I hope there are MANY chapters still to come.



  2. Thanks for allowing me to catch up with Andrea, I have loved Girl since I read a short piece in Sassy (the one with claire Danes on the cover back in 1994) Andrea reminds me so much of me (well I wasn't Quite as cool, nor did i get to shag the lead singer of the band) I haven't read it all and I have to say I am hoping for a short Todd Sparrow cameo.

  3. I also was first introduced to "Girl" in that Sassy excerpt! One of my favorite books! I just discovered your blog and had no idea there was a sequel! Buying asap.