Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I just saw TINY FURNITURE and I know that all the cool people are all over it and Lena Dunham is already a superstar Judd Apatow prodigy, and all that, so I am not going to pile on and say how great it was, even though it was totally great.

I just want to say that this guy on the right (picture), both the actor and the character is perhaps the greatest douchebag in all of the recent cinema. This character was so perfectly slimy and hilarious and brilliant and dead on, he was worth twice the price of admission.

In my head, I am still hearing him whine and smarm his way into poor Aura's life. I am having dreams about him wanting to hang out. He's the WORST. Oh my god, and so fitting that he's reading Woody Allen. Remember Paul Simon's portrayal of the music producer in Annie Hall? That's the level this is on.


  1. Wait, what? You'd pay twice the admission(metaphoric italics mine)? Man O man, that's all I need to hear.

  2. yes, that's what I said, TWICE the admission. Of course I went on the superdiscount double coupon night, so it only cost me three dollars to get in. Still, I hightly recommend .... (though you will hate it,)

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  4. I could NOT agree more. I loved his character, but I also loved Aura's blonde British bestie. After reading the New Yorker article about Lena Dunham, I was all prepared to hate the film. I thought it was going to be precious and ultra-hip (unlike you, I don't have a soft spot for hipsters.) But I found it to be so sweet and hilarious and empathetic and Woody Allen-esque and just brilliant in every way. Loved it!