Friday, November 5, 2010


I once heard Billie Joe Armstrong of GREEN DAY use the phrase, "Here today, gone later today" and I always think of it as the never ending streams of new bands, new writers, new films, new everything goes pouring across my computer and TV screens.

But for the moment there are two cultural figures I have bought into and am not going to buy out of anytime soon. The seemingly over-hyped TAVI (pictured), always seems to be doing something simple and interesting on her blog, no matter how "hot" she gets, and OBAMA, our poor beleaguered President, (my beleaguered President, since I actually voted for him), who no matter what happens to him, or what setbacks he must deal with, always seems crisp, calm, reasonable, rational, solid and good.

I am grateful for their poise under pressure.


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  2. He's clean and calm. Of course he's never ever been called on his B.S. on camera. He's NOT rational, he's NOT good.

    Never vote for him again.

    Barry is the DEVIL.

    You should know that.

    You may remove this comment.

  3. Tavi is awesome. After that New Yorker thing on her I was kinda off my Tavi kick but now? I am so into Tavi it's ridiculous. What is it? Her love of 90's culture (of which I was so a part)? Her eye? Her Chicago-ness? She's the real deal. I just like her. And I find that she has become a kind of litmus test for me. If you know who she is and like her you are OK in my book. And I know two people who are writing YA books based on her..

  4. Thanks so much for this kind post! I'm almost done with Girl, it's been the perfect Thanksgiving Break book. And thanks, Arlaina^^